How it Works

A best-in-class approach to building the data foundation for AI

Deasie’s platform provides an intelligent and efficient approach for enterprises to rapidly label, filter and connect unstructured data to AI applications at scale.

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Step 1

Generate relevant labels

Deasie’s label creation process is designed to be intuitive, powerful, and flexible.

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Step 2

Refine & test labels

Deasie’s label refinement workflow leads to high-quality, standardised labels that are customised to your business and always up-to-date.

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Step 3

Utilize labels

Deasie’s testing, filtering and connection workflow enables labels to be leveraged seamlessly by downstream tools.

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Deasie combines best-in-class models with a user-assisted workflow and interface, empowering you to curate, prepare and connect unstructured data to AI applications


SOC-2 Certified Security Assurance

Ensuring Your Data's Protection and Compliance with Industry-Standard Security Controls

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